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What are crypto derivatives? Get Started with Bitcoin com

However, neither party is required to actually hold the underlying asset, in this case, Bitcoin. Instead, they simply settle the contract in USD or any other agreed-upon currency. What distinguishes futures contracts from other crypto derivative instruments is the specific settlement date. With no expiration date, perpetual contracts are a type of derivative that resembles a futures contract. They are the best option for those who want to trade futures continuously because the contract never expires. Traders who wish to profit from price movements in the cryptocurrency market without worrying about expiration dates sometimes employ perpetual contracts.

what is a crypto derivative

Due to the infancy of the cryptocurrency derivatives market, there is only a few derivatives products available for the public at the moment. However, yet more money can be made (or lost) through derivatives trading. Crypto derivatives trading refers to the buying and selling of financial contracts that relate to cryptocurrencies, such as futures and options. If your short position goes in favor, you will profit as the price of Bitcoin falls.


It is important to note that there is no guaranteed way to make money trading derivatives in the crypto market, and it can be a highly risky endeavor. However, there are some ways traders minimize risks and maximize their chances of success. While spot trading also allows speculation — buying low and selling high — leverage is what makes derivatives attractive to traders. But with their complex nature and potential risks, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the crypto derivatives market before diving in. This strategy involves borrowing assets from a third party like a broker or an exchange and selling them at a point when they believe the price will fall.

It allows traders to gain exposure to the price movement of an asset without actually owning the asset. Two common types of crypto derivatives are futures and options, and they are used mainly for hedging and speculation. Crypto derivatives are financial instruments that derive value from an underlying crypto asset. They are contracts between two parties that allow traders to speculate on the price movements of cryptocurrencies without actually owning the underlying asset. As such, the trader makes a profit or loss depending on whether the asset price goes up or down.

What are Crypto Derivatives?

For instance, if a trader buys a “31AUG2023 BTC” contract at $30,000, they agree to buy one contract’s worth of bitcoin on 31 August 2023 for $30,000. If the coin trades above $30,000 on that date, the trader makes a profit, but if it trades lower, they lose the money. Such a loan allows you to make transactions with a value in excess of equity in the account of the trader. The platform pledges a part of the investor’s funds and provides him with a loan to open a position.

The derivatives used to trade cryptocurrencies work in a similar way to traditional derivatives. The buyer and seller agree to a contract to transfer ownership of the underlying asset at a specified price and time in the future. For instance, the value of an ETH derivative contract is based on the ether (ETH) price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Derivatives

Shorting – or short-selling – refers to the act of betting against the price of a security. Speculation is often viewed negatively since it adds a higher degree of volatility to the overall marketplace. Although the main value of your AAPL investments drops in value, the increase in the value of your put option derivatives will offset the overall loss. Depending on factors such as experience and expertise in derivatives, an investor or trader could be profitable in any situation, be it a bull or bear market.

what is a crypto derivative

LedgerX was the first regulated institutional exchange that introduced Bitcoin derivatives, in the form of swaps and options. Only accredited investors and institutional players can trade on LedgerX’s trading platform. Imagine if you’ve decided to get a cable TV subscription to watch your favorite channels. As a buyer of the service, you will enter into a fixed agreement with the cable company to allow you to get a specified number of channels at a monthly fixed price for a period of 1-year. This is similar to a futures contract, where you specify the exact price that you’re going to pay and the exact product/services you’re going to receive within the specified period of 1-year. You can also gain leverage with spot trades to increase by borrowing money to fund your trade.

What Are Some Examples of Derivatives?

For instance, an investor who anticipates that Bitcoin will increase in value over the next month could buy a futures contract that commits to selling Bitcoin at a higher price in the future. Derivatives trading also enables leverage, allowing traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital — hence magnifying the potential gains. Additionally, derivatives facilitate portfolio diversification, meaning traders can maximize their returns and manage risks more effectively. Trading derivatives across various assets can reduce individual market risks and achieve a more balanced portfolio.

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Futures is an agreement on the sale or purchase of an underlying asset at an agreed price in the future (hence the name). It will be delivered in six months, and you will be required to buy a car at the agreed price. Crypto derivatives are complex financial instruments typically used by advanced traders.

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Derivatives can be used to hedge a position, speculate on the directional movement of an underlying asset, or give leverage to holdings. These assets are commonly traded on exchanges or OTC and are purchased through brokerages. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is among the world’s largest derivatives exchanges. The derivatives market is where participants trade contracts instead of the actual asset itself.

what is a crypto derivative